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    We have been developing information systems for enterprise management for more than 15 years. Over this period we have worked out a specific approach to information systems building on the basis of a single model that is able to reflect any kind of activity in an organization.
    We create information systems on the basis of a single model. These information systems allow gradual elimination of 'information system zoos'. In the nearest future you will be able to build business models of your operations and manage them on the basis of ASys platform.


Management technologies in ASys

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The head of the company taught a masterclass for BPMS.ru project.
The head of the company spoke at the 13th International Workshop Conference 'Fundamental and Practical Research, Development and Application of High Technologies in Industry and Economy', 24-26 May, 2012. Saint-Petersburg, Russia
The head of the company spoke at 'BPM 2012: New Ways of Development' Conference with 'Process and Project Management in Multi-agent Enterprise Systems (MES). Single Approach.' report
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